Hiatus from hiatus

After not having blogged for so long, I suddenly felt motivated to blog again for some whatever strange reasons. Truth to be told, I do have some posts lined up as drafts and I do hope to publish them sometime soon, but for now, this post is just going to be a short update.


Yesterday was our graduation night, even though our A Levels have not even begun. It marks the end of 6 years of high school education and boy, what a great 6 years it was. Life goes on, but I would treasure the memories and friendships from the past 6 years.

iTunes U & Education Applications

I was quite sure that before the Sept 9 Apple Event, iTunes U was not available in the Singapore iTunes Store. Now, we can finally subscribe to some of the amazing podcasts that are available, many of them from the finest colleges around the world. Hopefully this also means that Singapore will have its own… Continue reading iTunes U & Education Applications