iTunes 11

Loving the new iTunes, especially its Up Next feature and revamped mini player. Now back to studying for exams.

Music Of The Week – Charlotte

Yup, it’s a new week. This week I am listening to Charlotte by Air Traffic in their album Fractured Life And check out Gnoosic – an online Music recommendation service for those who cannot use iTunes Genius to find recommendations due to the unavailability of the iTunes Music Store in their countries.

iTunes U & Education Applications

I was quite sure that before the Sept 9 Apple Event, iTunes U was not available in the Singapore iTunes Store. Now, we can finally subscribe to some of the amazing podcasts that are available, many of them from the finest colleges around the world. Hopefully this also means that Singapore will have its own… Continue reading iTunes U & Education Applications

It’s only boring…

Apple’s September iPod event this year, themed “It’s only rock and roll, but we like it!” should be more aptly themed “It’s only boring”. I have previously mentioned during the announcement of Snow Leopard that Apple seemed to have stopped innovating, with no new products or features to dazzle us with, and with yesterday’s event,… Continue reading It’s only boring…