iPhone 6S – The most groundbreaking ‘S’ upgrade ever

The iPhone has been following a tick tock release pattern ever since the iPhone 3G, with a major phone upgrade every 2 years (e.g. iPhone 4, iPhone 5 etc.) and an incremental upgrade (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S) in between. These incremental upgrades generally introduce a faster processor, a better camera and usually comes with a… Continue reading iPhone 6S – The most groundbreaking ‘S’ upgrade ever

Messaging on iOS

I love Messages on iOS. It is a quick and reliable way of texting my friends. It is integrated tightly into iOS, so it is super convenient to use. It allows me to contact all my friends, unlike 3rd party applications where I can only contact my friends on that platform. Best of all, it… Continue reading Messaging on iOS


It has been over an year since I last covered anything Apple Related, but yesterday’s WWDC keynote included some pretty exciting news which I felt obliged to cover.

iTunes 11

Loving the new iTunes, especially its Up Next feature and revamped mini player. Now back to studying for exams.