Hiatus from hiatus

After not having blogged for so long, I suddenly felt motivated to blog again for some whatever strange reasons. Truth to be told, I do have some posts lined up as drafts and I do hope to publish them sometime soon, but for now, this post is just going to be a short update.

I am currently about 3 months into my 3rd year of medical school, which also happens to be roughly the halfway mark to getting my M.B.,B.S (if nothing goes wrong). Third year of medical school is very different from the previous years – it is our first year of clinical rotations, which means that instead of attending lectures and tutorials in school, we spend most of our day roaming the wards in the public hospitals, talking to and examining (“clerking“) patients. Even tutorials are mostly done by the bedside – that means we would examine a patient and have a discussion regarding his condition and management plans. In my opinion, this is infinitely more fun than what we were doing in Year 1 and 2 – after all this is what Medicine is about! I remember I was so excited when I first saw patients with the classical signs described on textbooks – it was really like the textbook coming to life. However, it is also a lot more exhausting than Years 1 and 2. My day in the hospital often starts at 8am with morning ward rounds and usually ends at 5pm (or later!) after a busy day of tutorials, teaching sessions, clinics or just self practice sessions. When I get home in the evening, I try (try very hard indeed) to study or complete our assignments, but usually end up failing and taking a long extended nap instead. Weekends become precious – just like back when I was serving in the army, but this time weekends are not for going out with friends, rather it is for hiding at home (or the library) trying to catch up with studying. It seems unsustainable at times, but somehow most of us are coping well enough.

So that’s for what I am doing right now. Going back a little further – I traveled to Europe in May during our break between Year 2 and Year 3. It was my first time stepping foot on that continent and it was so amazing. Prior to the trip, I never really had any sense of wanderlust, but now that’s all changed. I hope to return to Europe for my graduation trip and visit the many other pretty places I did not get to visit this year as well as revisit some of the places I have been to! Hopefully I can find time to post some of the photos I took! And if you are curious as to which places I visited: Barcelona, Paris, Rotterdam, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice and Florence – all amazing, beautiful places.
UPDATE: I have posted some photos from Barcelona!

On to my geekier side: yes I followed WWDC as well as the recent Apple event in September. I have been trying to get my hands on an iPhone 6 this launch weekend, but it is proving difficult to procure the model that I want (Space Grey 64GB) Update: Finally managed to get my hands on one. As for the Watch – well let’s just say I wasn’t very impressed with the design – I thought the Motorola did a much better job with the Moto 360 watch. On the software side: I have updated both my iPhone and iPad to iOS 8, but I have not been using it for long enough to make reasonable comments (though I wish they allow merging of iMessage threads from the same contact – something I have been hoping for since iMessages started). I also installed Yosemite Beta on my iMac (which now appears to be dying on me – I suspect something wrong with the graphics card) and while I feel that Apple generally took a step in the right direction aesthetically, there are some quirks which annoy me.

Okay, turns out this post is not as short as I thought it would be, sp that’s all for now! I hope to post more updates soon so keep watching this space!

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