An update on ALS

I know I promised to get Advanced Login System uploaded soon, but it’s just that I have too much stuff to deal with for the past couple of months. And I have realized that it is quite an uphill task to make ALS available again.

Well, first off, I have to figure out which is the latest version of the script. I keep an archive of previous versions and while I am quite sure that the 20081128 build was the latest stable build that was available for download on my previous site, I seemed to remember some bugs associated with it. And so it would take time for me to test the code, time that I don’t have right now, given my upcoming exams and whatnot.

Secondly, I also have to get the support framework online on this server. That includes getting the update server ready and also providing a bug tracking framework (I am thinking Trac). I am also thinking up of setting up an online store to facilitate the sale of the source code (my previous experiment didn’t work out so well, but I willing to give it a go again).

Lastly, I do have some ideas of a few new features I want to implement in ALS. For example, I am thinking of using reCAPTCHA for the CAPTCHA module. Also, I thought I was a little too paranoid in the development of the final version of ALS v0.03B and I think it would be better to remove the password salt feature. And of course there are a few other ideas that I am still toying with in my mind.

I am going to be honest here: ALS is probably not going to be available until December. But I promise it would be worth the wait as I strive to make it better (especially in terms of the support framework). As usual, you can keep track of development progress through RSS (a feed dedicated to all posts in the ALS category) or my Twitter account. And no, it’s not going to be vaporware.

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