The Way Forward

I have decided to release the source code for the Advanced Login System (ALS) for free. The truth is, I have not updated it for over a year now and that is unlikely to change any time soon. I have realised that coding has always only been a side hobby for me and it is… Continue reading The Way Forward

ALS Update – Build 20100102

There is a bug in the encoded version of the script where register.php would result in a PHP Fatal Error – something I didn’t catch since I was doing my testing with the original unencoded code. This update would fix the bug.

Advanced Login System – Available for download

I have finally found sometime to update the code for Advanced Login System, bringing the version build up to 20091220. I have also removed the password salt (since I figured they don’t really do much), so there is only 1 standard version and you should be able to upgrade from any previous version of ALS… Continue reading Advanced Login System – Available for download

An update on ALS

I know I promised to get Advanced Login System uploaded soon, but it’s just that I have too much stuff to deal with for the past couple of months. And I have realized that it is quite an uphill task to make ALS available again. Well, first off, I have to figure out which is… Continue reading An update on ALS

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