A new look

I decided it was high time to refresh the look on this website as I thought the previous theme looks dated (also, I was having great difficulty figuring out how to integrate my Instagram feed elegantly on the previous theme).

The current theme is WordPress’s Twenty Fifteen theme (the default theme for new WordPress installations now). I like how the theme places emphasis on my content and its fluidity across different screen sizes. However, I was not perfectly happy with the default font choices – I opted for Open Sans for text and Bree Serif for headings instead.

I also cleaned up the formatting of some of my older posts so that they would look nice on the new theme. It was interesting to look back at some of the stuff that I wrote (and the photos that I posted) and realize how much I have grown over the past few years.

Beneath the hood, I have also made adjustments to (hopefully) speed up the loading times.

I hope you like the new site!

The Way Forward

I have decided to release the source code for the Advanced Login System (ALS) for free. The truth is, I have not updated it for over a year now and that is unlikely to change any time soon. I have realised that coding has always only been a side hobby for me and it is simply not right for a community of over 10,000 script users to be dependent on a singular developer hobbyist for code updates and changes. As such, I believe that the way forward is to release the source code so that you guys can build upon and tailor it to your needs.

You can get the latest ALS Source code here: [Download not found]

Feel free to contact me if you run into any problems or have any queries. Donations are welcome as well (:

Blog Update

I finally took some time to refresh the blog design – I decided to settle for a simpler theme that does not involve a background image that is almost ½ a megabyte in size (plus the fact that my previous theme was having some display issues with the latest version of WordPress).

Anyway, the awesome new theme I am using is called Fifty fifth Street. I didn’t really like their font colors (a little too light for reading, in my opinion) and the heading font choice (Georgia? Really?), so I modified the theme a little – I think Helvetica Neue Light (Arial for you Windows users who don’t have that gorgeous font) is a much better choice.

Besides the cosmetic changes, I also adjusted some settings. For one, when you point your browser to http://wuxiaotian.com, you will now land on my “About Me” page rather than the index of my posts. I think this is better as it provides some context to my blog posts. Also, sometimes my posts are image-heavy and can bog down the loading time quite a bit, so having a static landing page would be better.

I do hope these changes enhance the user experience.

My Integrated Contact Form script is now available for download. However, please know that it is not the version I had planned but rather an older version. I released it because with the new project I’m working on now, there would be no time to update the ICF script (not that I have updated it since last year.) Also, this version might not be stable – I did not test it extensively. However, I am releasing the source code so you guys can fix modify the script. If you find any bugs, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

The beginnings

I finally worked out how to display a table with individual cell IDs representing the coordinates for my current project (It’s called Kingdom of Might – cliché, but then again it’s just a project name for now). And now it is just a simple matter of displaying the content in each individual cell using an array like $content[$id]. Took a while to figure out the math and the centre cell positioning, but now I got it worked out.

(There will be a sight attribute to the game, which decides how many grids you can actually see.)

Stage 1: Labeling each individual cell with an ID. Note that the first cell is blank due to it having a value of 0.

Stage 2: Determining the ID of the center cell.

I use this formula: c = [s(1+2s)] + s
where c is the centre cell id and s is the sight attribute from the database

Stage 3: Putting everything together.

And the code that made it work: