The beginnings

I finally worked out how to display a table with individual cell IDs representing the coordinates for my current project (It’s called Kingdom of Might – cliché, but then again it’s just a project name for now). And now it is just a simple matter of displaying the content in each individual cell using an… Continue reading The beginnings

When I am bored

I was feeling a little bored and so I challenged myself to fix get Project Extension running (in some functional sense at least), and I surprised myself at how quickly I managed to patch together some hacks to get it online again. As you can see, it is not fully functional – the character stats… Continue reading When I am bored

ALS Update – Build 20100102

There is a bug in the encoded version of the script where register.php would result in a PHP Fatal Error – something I didn’t catch since I was doing my testing with the original unencoded code. This update would fix the bug.