New build of ICF coming 28th Jan

I’ve decided that instead of wasting my life away, I shall do something productive before I enlist. I have been thinking of creating a new web application, but gave up on that idea eventually since a) I couldn’t come up with a decent idea and b) any web application these days requires great familiarity with AJAX, which sadly I lack. I have also been considering rewriting Project Extension, but that would be quite a large scale project. So in the end I have decided to update my Integrated Contact Form script, as previously promised.

However, I know how long it usually takes before I push an update out of the door (due to my own procrastination and lack of focus) and so I have decided to change the way I do things this time around. Regardless of how many new features I manage to implement, I would get a build of ICF online on the 28th Jan, which is a week away. This gives me 6 days to code (ok, less than that, since I wouldn’t be at home all week) and 1 day to clean up and prepare the code for release. In theory, I would be more productive and you all would get more frequent updates.

Below is a updated features list for the upcoming build in terms of priority (most of these features below would be available as options). Note that I have decided to remove the Administration panel since I don’t think many of you guys actually use that feature, but I would make it available as an add-on sometime later.

  1. CAPTCHA check
  2. Prevent too many emails from being sent within a short period
  3. Email validation. If turned on, the visitor would be sent an email, where they would have to click a confirm link before their email is sent.
  4. Greater flexibility with themes and language file (even though the themes are almost ready)
  5. File restructuring

So keep watching this space or subscribe to my RSS feeds (link to feed dedicated to ICF updates) or follow me on Twitter (@wuxiaotian)

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