Blog Update

I finally took some time to refresh the blog design – I decided to settle for a simpler theme that does not involve a background image that is almost ½ a megabyte in size (plus the fact that my previous theme was having some display issues with the latest version of WordPress).

Anyway, the awesome new theme I am using is called Fifty fifth Street. I didn’t really like their font colors (a little too light for reading, in my opinion) and the heading font choice (Georgia? Really?), so I modified the theme a little – I think Helvetica Neue Light (Arial for you Windows users who don’t have that gorgeous font) is a much better choice.

Besides the cosmetic changes, I also adjusted some settings. For one, when you point your browser to, you will now land on my “About Me” page rather than the index of my posts. I think this is better as it provides some context to my blog posts. Also, sometimes my posts are image-heavy and can bog down the loading time quite a bit, so having a static landing page would be better.

I do hope these changes enhance the user experience.

My Integrated Contact Form script is now available for download. However, please know that it is not the version I had planned but rather an older version. I released it because with the new project I’m working on now, there would be no time to update the ICF script (not that I have updated it since last year.) Also, this version might not be stable – I did not test it extensively. However, I am releasing the source code so you guys can fix modify the script. If you find any bugs, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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