The Resolutionary new iPad

Image Credits: Apple PR
Image Credits: Apple PR

With the conclusion of the latest Apple event announcing the new iPad, traditional media outlets and social media outlets are abuzz with how disappointing the new iPad is. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that Apple have failed to wow tech pundits or the everyday consumer with its new product announcement. However, in my own opinion, the latest iPad is anything but a let down.

Let’s take a look at some of the major complaints about the new iPad.

1. Same design

One of the main reasons why most consumers see the new iPad as a minor evolutionary improvement rather than a revolutionary upgrade over the previous generation of iPad is simply because it does not bring anything new to the table in terms of design. However, if we were to compare the main new features of the iPad with the main new features of the iPhone 4 when it was announced, you would see that it’s largely the same.

  • Faster processor – check.
  • Improved Camera – check.
  • Retina Display – check.

And yet, the iPhone 4 was deemed to be a revolutionary upgrade over the previous generation of iPhone, the iPhone 3GS. Not to belittle the many other improvements that the iPhone 4 offers over the iPhone 3GS, but my point here is that aesthetics strongly affect people’s perception of a product, sometimes rather unfairly.

2. Same Battery Life

Some have commented that the new iPad does not have an improved battery life. However, this article shows that Apple has invested a lot in the battery of the new iPad. It is not easy to maintain the same battery life while powering a display with double the pixel density compared to the previous generation in addition to a quad core graphics chip. Moreover, how long should a battery last on a single charge? Sure, long battery life is going to be a real life-saver during long trips without any source of electricity, but unless you plan on bringing your iPad out for a 3 day camping trip or to a developing country where electricity is hard to come by, there is no terrible need for a battery that can last longer.

One must also not forget, with the current state of technology, a longer battery life (or rather a larger battery capacity) also means increasing the size and weight of the battery, which translates to a larger size and a heavier product. It is pretty amazing that Apple manages to increase the battery capacity by 70% with just a minimal 50g increment in weight and 0.6mm increase in thickness.

3. “No innovation”

Many online articles seem to be centering around the fact that Apple did not introduce any sensational innovations with the new iPad. However, the authors themselves are extremely vague in their definition of “innovation” and their own expectations. The truth is, a product do not need new innovations to be great – as long as it serves its purpose well. The iPad 2 was a great product because it fulfilled its function as a tablet pretty darn well and the new iPad is set to enhance the user experience even further.

I’m guessing such criticisms will only cease when Apple starts making iPads powered by rainbows.

4. The usual shortcomings of iOS. (i.e. no Flash, no true multitasking blah blah)

Software can be updated. And Android is removing Flash support too. I rest my case.


You may dismiss me as yet another “Apple fanboi”, but if you are in the “The new iPad is such a HUUUGGGGGEEEE disappointment” camp, think about whether it is because Apple truly made a disappointing product or it is because of your own unrealistically high expectations. The team at Apple are no miracle workers.

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