New Year Resolutions

Yet another year’s gone by and it’s time again for new new year resolutions. But first a look at last year’s resolutions:

I will successfully commission as an infantry officer of the Singapore Armed Forces and I will be a responsible and respected officer.

Yes, I did manage to commission as an infantry officer of the Singapore Armed forces on the 9th of April. As for the second part, it is not easy to judge myself, especially given that my unit has only 2 junior officers (including me), but I think I’ve done my part, though of course there are some areas that I could have done better.

I will fix my bike and join my cycling club for their weekly Sunday rides once I commission as an officer. I will also run more such that I can run a half-marathon and complete my 2.4KM run in under 8 mins 45 seconds by the end of the year.

Sadly no and no. In fact my 2.4KM run timing has actually increased to 9 mins 42 seconds the last time I checked. This is something that I shall improve upon before leaving the Army.

I will hone my photography skills and use my camera more often.

I’ve accomplished this to some extent – I’ve definitely learnt and practiced some new photography and post processing techniques this year.

I will save at least $6000 by the end of the year.

This is the ambiguous one – I can’t remember if I meant save an additional $6000 on top of the amount of money I have at the end of 2010 or if I meant have a total of $6000 in my bank account by the end of 2011. I think it’s the former. If so, I’m somewhat short of my target by about $2400. However, I think it’s mainly due to a few major expenditures such as my camera purchase and my trip to Taiwan which was not really planned for.

I will keep myself abreast of current affairs. I will also take the SATs in May so that I can apply for a US university next year.

The first one I did but the second one I did not thanks to the procrastinator in me. I feel quite guilty now.

Looking back, 2011 passed by much faster than I would have liked, but nonetheless it’s been quite a fulfilling year.

In 2012, I will:

  1. Improve my photography – I hope to try out new photo techniques such as light painting and portrait photography. I also hope to become less of a luck photographer and more of a skilled photographer.
  2. Exercise more – Somehow the Army has made me more of a couch potato. Hence, in 2012, I want to push myself to exercise more and improve my fitness, even after I leave the army.
    • My 2.4KM run timing should be below 9 mins when I leave the army in July
    • I will take part in a half marathon again and complete it below 2 hours
    • I will exercise at least 3 times a week and take part in weekend rides with my cycling club at least 2 times in a month.
  3. Save more, Spend Less – In 2012, I hope to save more and spend less, especially given that I will no longer have a fixed and secure income source after leaving the army.
    • I shall not eat out more than 3 times a week
    • I shall not spend more than $150 per month on entertainment and alcohol
    • I will save at least $6000 before I leave the army in July
  4. Be a responsible and respected officer – A continuation of last year’s resolution, I shall continue to strive to do my best to be a responsible and respected officer.
  5. Learn to drive – Enough said.
  6. Pursue higher education – I shall enroll into a good university (be it local or overseas), hopefully on a scholarship.

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