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  1. (Personal Computers) Considering a lptaop costs anywhere from $900 and up, the price for extending the coverage to an additional 2 years with 3 years of total coverage from the date of purchase is a great deal. I purchased a Refurbished MacBook Pro and while traveling to Costa Rica had the unit fail completely (logic board). I took it to an Apple Store and in 5 days, the unit was fully repaired and is, actually, a new lptaop. Likewise, I purchased a MacBook 13″ for my daughter a few years ago and her computer had problems as well. Likewise, her unit was completely repaired under the extended warranty. I have friends with similar circumstances over the years and never have I heard a negative comment regarding the service. The phone service is equally impressive, having called in both instances to see if the problems could be resolved via special instruction from a rep. I find it very hard to believe anyone will have any trouble getting the best service available with these extended warranties. Laptops are portable units that are likely going to test gravity a few times in their lifespan. Not purchasing an extended warranty is rather frivolous, especially considering that it will only add up to a little over a $100 per year for Apple Care Protection. I know my lptaop is definitely worth it…

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