Beginning of the end? Or end of the beginning?

Well, there’s only 2 more hours to go before the end of this week. And next week would be the start of my A levels – something I am both glad and worried about. Glad because it’s finally the beginning of the end – A levels would never be over if it doesn’t start. Worried because I have no idea how well I am going to do – I have always been mediocre in my studies (if not a shade below average) and really, I have no idea what’s going to be printed on the certificate I am going to get in March next year.

And once my A levels are over, it’s going to be the official end of my secondary education (even though we have already graduated – our school likes to leave us hanging), and also almost the end of my teenage years. So, in a way, I suppose it’s the end of the beginning. A new chapter awaits me. Sometimes I wish life is really like a book, where you can flip right to the end and find out the ending.

But for now, that new chapter would be Transition Metals.

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