iPhone 5

It’s really easy to make a new product that is bigger, everyone does that. That’s not the challenge. The challenge is to make it better and smaller. – Phil Schiller Once again, as with every over-hyped Apple event, there is a wave of disappointment rippling through the interwebs over the announcement of the iPhone 5.… Continue reading iPhone 5

Opera on iPhone – Is it really faster?

Opera today announced that its mobile browser, Opera Mini, is available for the iPhone platform after spending quite a long while in App Store approval limbo. It is supposedly very fast, since it connects via a proxy server that compresses web pages first before downloading them on the browser. While I am not that a… Continue reading Opera on iPhone – Is it really faster?


It isn’t often that I do iPhone application reviews, but this outstanding game forces me to make an exception, even though it means adding to the numerous raving reviews already on the web.