New Year Resolutions 2013

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What’s new year without setting a list of new year resolutions that will most likely go unfulfilled by the end of the year? Here’s a bunch of goals I hope to keep in mind as we step into 2013.

  • Pass all my exams – Passing all my exams in medical school would be great
  • Exercise regularly – I shall exercise at least 3 times a week, run at least 50km a month and obtain the gold standard for the Individual Physical Proficiency Test with a 2.4km run timing of less than 9 minutes before the start of the second academic year.
  • Learn to drive – I shall start driving lessons during the long break after my first academic year and aim and get my license by the end of 2013.
  • Find time for personal time – It is easy to get caught up in the never ending list of things to study in medical school, but I hope to set aside at least 48 hours a month to connect with family and friends or to engage in my personal interests

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