Days in Army

I would like to apologize for the lack of updates on my site and for taking so long to reply to some of your emails during the past few weeks. As you all probably figured by now, I have been enlisted into the Singapore army and I am now undergoing Basic Military Training, which means I spend at least 5 days per week in the army camp (with no internet access of course). The good news is that my BMT ends in about 3 weeks, but in the meantime, please be understanding if you do not receive an immediate response to your support requests.

Being in army also means being largely out of touch with the outside world. Sure, we do get newspapers everyday, but we do not necessarily have the free time to read it due to a rather packed training schedule. Moreover, there is only 1 set of newspapers per section, which means 14 guys have to take turns reading the papers within a short span of time. I was particularly frustrated by the fact that I wasn’t able to get any news on WWDC announcements save for a very short article on the iPhone 4 in the Straits Times.

Otherwise, life in the army is generally quite OK, even fun sometimes. I am actually considering signing on to the army if I can become an army officer. But for now, I must get ready to book back into camp.

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