I feel so old already

Today, I watched my St. John juniors pass out. It reinforced one thing I already knew – how fast time flies.

Here’s a picture of me with them 2 years back (a little whitewashed though) during my own passing out parade. (I am at the top left corner)
My Passing Out Parade

And here’s today’s picture:Their Passing Out Parade
Boy, you only realize how much have changed by looking at others.

Can’t believe it has been 2 years already – I still remember my own Passing Out Parade like it was yesterday – it was overcast that day and we were quite worried that it would rain. However, luckily, the weather held up and we were able to have our parade in front of the clock tower. It’s just so hateful to be reminded how time flies by.

In another 3 months, I would be sitting for my A levels. In 6 months, I would probably have enrolled in National Service. In about 2+ years, I would start my university education. In about 6 years, I would have graduated (assuming nothing goes wrong) and started my career. And how sad is it that I had have my life planned out for the next 6 years already? Sometimes, it’s better to leave some space for the unknown, give yourself some space to grab at a passing opportunity, inject a little excitement into life. Even more so given how time flies.


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