A few tweaks to Search

I am making a few tweaks to WordPress’ search feature, which I think is way too underpowered. I am thinking of integrating Google’s Custom Search Engine though their user policy clearly state that I cannot hardcode a link to the results page, which would have made my job a lot easier. If there is really no workaround, I would probably have to hardcode a link to the Google site itself, though that means a loss in advertising revenue for me.

I will keep you guys posted on updates.

UPDATE: This is not related to search, but I have got the contact form online now. You can contact me here.


I am a big fan of search as you type, where search results are delivered on the fly as you type. This often means that you do not have to type out the full query string before you get the desired results, hence driving efficiency on the computer.

As such, I am glad to stumble upon Keyboardr, a search as you type frontend for the Google search engine. (However, searches are not limited only to Google – I will get to that in a while) It’s actually developed by Julius Eckert, who also happens to have created the HUD theme for Quicksilver, of which I am a great fan. But back to Keyboardr. It is obviously designed with Mac power users in mind – you can navigate and open search results using the arrow keys and the enter(/return) key, and there is no need for your hands to leave the keyboard.
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