Retina MacBook Pro

After almost 6 weeks after placing my order with the Online Apple Store, my new MacBook Pro with Retina Display (let’s just call it MBPwRD from hereon) was finally delivered to my doorstep earlier this week.

The screen is every bit as gorgeous as promised, though of course there are many applications that have not been updated for the retina display (the official Twitter App and Microsoft Office 2011 included), which makes them seem like a fuzzy mess compared to other retina-compatible applications. The initial user experience has also been pretty awesome, thanks to the speedy flash storage coupled with the latest Intel processors. And have I mentioned how sleek the profile is? (It’s like carrying an oversized MacBook Air)

Definitely a good buy for mobile professionals seeking computing power on the go. Or you know, a first year medical student.

iMac Unboxing

My i5 iMac arrived at my doorstep a few days ago (on the 1st Dec, to be precise), which was a pleasant surprise since I didn’t expect it to arrive until the 15th Dec. I did not have a chance to do an unboxing post then since I checked into a resort later in the day, and I just returned home today, and hence here is the overdue post.

(Sorry for the poor image quality – I shot them using my iPhone)