Apple Tablet and more

With all the rumors and the coverage about a Tablet announcement during the upcoming Jan 27th Apple event, it would seem like a waste for me to give up the chance to finally write a piece exceeding 500 words – so let me give my own take on the whole tablet thing.

If you want to skip through reading the entire post, here’s my take in a very short sentence: Apple is almost certainly going to make the announcement for a tablet like device at the Jan 28th event. Here’s why.
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Silicon Valley Visit

I am in San Francisco right now as part of a week long IDA sponsored trip to Silicon Valley. I am already back in Singapore and have decided to do one big post with interesting highlights instead of separate daily recollections.

Welcome to San Francisco!

On the first day, we went to Autodesk, which was quite cool since their visitor gallery was filled with a myriad of products designed with their 3D modeling applications. Like these below:

Super Bee

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iMac Unboxing

My i5 iMac arrived at my doorstep a few days ago (on the 1st Dec, to be precise), which was a pleasant surprise since I didn’t expect it to arrive until the 15th Dec. I did not have a chance to do an unboxing post then since I checked into a resort later in the day, and I just returned home today, and hence here is the overdue post.

(Sorry for the poor image quality – I shot them using my iPhone)