Opera on iPhone – Is it really faster?

Opera today announced that its mobile browser, Opera Mini, is available for the iPhone platform after spending quite a long while in App Store approval limbo. It is supposedly very fast, since it connects via a proxy server that compresses web pages first before downloading them on the browser. While I am not that a big fan of the desktop Opera browser, I am pretty enthusiastic about the iPhone version of the browser as it offers a non-Webkit based browser for iPhone.
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The App Store

iPhone App StoreThe iPhone App Store has received lots of criticism over its app approval process, with many suggestions on how to improve the approval process. Many of these criticisms are indeed true, such as the lack of transparency in the app approval process and the seeming lack of a common approval standard, leaving developers at Apple’s mercy. However, I feel that the very nature of the App Store is the reason that such an approval process is indeed necessary, though of course I am not saying this is the best possible implementation or that the approval process cannot be further refined.

The App Store was introduced with the 2.0 iPhone firmware and it is largely applauded as a great success, sparking spinoffs on other smartphone platforms such the Windows Mobile Marketplace, Android Market, Blackberry App Store etc. However, it has certain features (I shall not use the word flaw since this is supposed to be a neutral post) that requires Apple to step in as a regulator to decide which apps makes it to the App Store. Continue reading The App Store