Opera on iPhone – Is it really faster?

Opera today announced that its mobile browser, Opera Mini, is available for the iPhone platform after spending quite a long while in App Store approval limbo. It is supposedly very fast, since it connects via a proxy server that compresses web pages first before downloading them on the browser. While I am not that a big fan of the desktop Opera browser, I am pretty enthusiastic about the iPhone version of the browser as it offers a non-Webkit based browser for iPhone.
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Apple Tablet and more

With all the rumors and the coverage about a Tablet announcement during the upcoming Jan 27th Apple event, it would seem like a waste for me to give up the chance to finally write a piece exceeding 500 words – so let me give my own take on the whole tablet thing.

If you want to skip through reading the entire post, here’s my take in a very short sentence: Apple is almost certainly going to make the announcement for a tablet like device at the Jan 28th event. Here’s why.
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