Spain/Portugal Tour 2016 Part 1 – Spain

Earlier in May this year, I took a 2 week long solo trip to Spain and Portugal. It was a much needed getaway before I embark on my final year in medical school, and probably the very last “long” trip before graduation. I covered quite a few places – Barcelona, Seville, Madrid, Porto and Lisbon – with some day trips from each major city. It will probably take me forever to process all the photos taken on this trip and to write about my experience in detail, so this brief summary of my trip would suffice for now. This post summarizes my travels in Spain, you can read about my experiences in Portugal in Part 2.
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To satisfy my wanderlust and to take a break after 3 intensive weeks of studying for my fourth year finals, I booked a super last minute trip to Indonesia. I was initially slightly apprehensive as it was my first solo trip into a country that is not as developed as Singapore, but it turned out to be a really great experience! Continue reading Indonesia

iOS 9 – What I Like and Dislike so far

The public beta of iOS 9 has been out for a while (in fact the second version was just released recently) and I have been trying it out on my first generation iPad Air. I think that the new features are well covered by tech blogs and other news sites, so in this post I am going to share with you what I like and dislike about the new iOS so far.

A few disclaimers first before I begin:

  • iOS 9 is still in beta (though I must say it has been rather stable so far!) and things might change in future releases!
  • I am running the beta on a first generation iPad Air. Some features may or may not be available for your device.
  • I believe that not all features are/will be available in Singapore.

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