City Aurora

I know this picture of Singapore’s night cityscape has been done to death, but how I can I resist its beauty?

Botanic Gardens

I always liked marco-photography since whatever the object might be, the photos almost always turn out nice (some hardcore photographers might disagree here, but hey, everyone’s entitled to their personal opinion right?), so I headed down to Singapore Botanic Gardens yesterday for some marco-photography. However, I didn’t have a set of marco lenses ready –… Continue reading Botanic Gardens

New Year!

Can’t believe it’s 2010 already! I shall post my new year resolutions sometime later, but first some photos from yesterday’s countdown! Happy New Year!

Christmas Sights

Christmas lighting along Orchard Road have always been pretty nice, and so even though Christmas is over, here are some photos taken along Orchard Road. (Taken with a D40x with 18-200 lenses) Happy Holidays!