Back from Shanghai

I arrived back in Singapore yesterday after 3 days in Shanghai. I was supposed to stay till the 10th, but as I wasn’t able to change today’s NS medical checkup follow up, I had to take a flight back to Singapore on Sunday. Truth be told, I cannot decide whether to be glad to be back earlier. For one, my parents are still in Shanghai, so I will be alone for a few days while they are going to be invited to many great meals by their friends. (Many of our family friends and extended relatives are rather successful figures in Shanghai) Moreover, they do have nice weather back there. On the other hand, I can’t stand the terrible conditions there – all the people spitting, road side squatters selling stuff, reckless and inconsiderate drivers (I saw this bus with a smashed in window driving around in Shanghai) etc. And I really have this thing against my relatives deploring how thin I am (as usual) and trying to stuff me down with as much food as possible during meal times. Anyway, a few pictures (very poor quality though – I only had my iPhone with me):
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