iPhone Photography

So I recently took a 1 month long trip to Taiwan and, for the first time, I traveled without my DSLR (a Nikon D7000). It was a difficult decision to make, but in the end, the convenience of not having to lug a DSLR around won (not to mention the fact that I was running out of luggage space to pack any accessories). And I must admit that I did not regret it at all – in fact I found it enlightening to not travel around with a heavy camera slinged around my neck and taking extra care not to knock it against anything.

As smartphone companies cram better and better camera sensors (read: not megapixels), the balance has tilted in favor of photography using smartphones and mobile devices (including, god forbid, tablets). While I am not going out so far as to claim that this spells the end of professional photography, there are certain benefits of using a mobile device as a photography instrument. I myself am an avid Apple fan, so the points I make below are most relevant to fellow iPhone users, though they generally apply to all smartphone users.
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Barcelona in Pictures

About a month ago, I started my travels around Europe by landing in Barcelona. In many ways, Barcelona was a city of firsts for me: first city visited in Europe, first time traveling alone etc. and it definitely left a great first impression on me. The locals are friendly, the architecture is amazing and because I visited during the off-peak season, it was not super crowded.

Click to see some of the photos that I took.
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I recently took a trip to Cambodia with my family. Cambodia struck me as a very charming country from the moment I landed at Siem Reap Airport – the airport wasn’t yet another modern architecture marvel, but rather a small and simple building with a hint of tradition in its design. Driving out of the airport, one will observe that most of the buildings in Siem Reap are not more than 3 stories high, except for the hotels that litter the landscape. The locals are also generally friendly and hospitable, lending the town of Siem Reap a homely feel.

I had high hopes for taking beautiful pictures of the temples of Ang Kor, but the truth is that photography at Ang Kor is an absolute nightmare. The popularity of Cambodia as a tourist destination is rising, and the temples of Ang Kor are a definite must have on visiting tourists’ itinerary, which leads to overcrowding of the temple sites, especially at the more popular ones. Even waking up at 5AM is no deterrent to the many tour groups who wish to capture the magical moment of sunrise over the iconic Ang Kor Wat. Below are some of my best attempts.
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