To satisfy my wanderlust and to take a break after 3 intensive weeks of studying for my fourth year finals, I booked a super last minute trip to Indonesia. I was initially slightly apprehensive as it was my first solo trip into a country that is not as developed as Singapore, but it turned out… Continue reading Indonesia

Barcelona in Pictures

The beautiful interior of La Sagrada Familia

About a month ago, I started my travels around Europe by landing in Barcelona. In many ways, Barcelona was a city of firsts for me: first city visited in Europe, first time traveling alone etc. and it definitely left a great first impression on me. The locals are friendly, the architecture is amazing and because… Continue reading Barcelona in Pictures

New York City

Manhattan Skyline

I recently took a trip to the eastern coast of America and my first stop was New York City. I really loved the vibrancy of the city – it felt so alive! Click to see some photos.